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Psychotropic drugs, mental health, society, Kids in the Hall, and you. We're only doing this because we love you.

Did you hate or dismiss this film because of the Cancer Boy character? Read.
"depression", acceptable losses, alice, bad music, baxter, being german, being treated as human, being understood, big pharm and you, bigotry, brain candy, bruce mcculloch, cancer boy, capitalism, cat on my head!, certifiable depression, check, chris, chris cooper, cibo matto, cisco, classism, clemptor, clinical depression, comas, comatoria, corporate bullying, corporate culture, crack is gone, crumbling empires, cult of celebrity, david foley, denial, depression, dunking the drug, eat my brain, exploiting the mentally ill, fields of athenry, getting help, gleemonex, gleemonex for pets, going to the media, good aim, good coffee, good music, gunther, happiest memories, happiness pie, happy endings, heroin, homophobia, horse tranquilizers, human beings, i never knew that, i'm gay!, it's a harmonica, just getting along, kevin mcdonald, kicking penicillin's sorry ass, kids in the hall, kith, ladies and everyone, late fees, little signund, liz phair, mark mckinney, marketing, marv, mental health, missing the clown, mrs. hurdicure, music, non-german-speaking therapists, orange, pathologizing life, patient 957, paul bellini, pharmaceutical industry, placebos, prince, red socks, roritor pharmaceuticals, scott thompson, security guards with guns, settling, sexism, shadowy men, shy bladder, side effects, slipped off my shoes, some days it's dark, stereolab, stummies, taking the drug, tea, testing, the little things, the real party, the real press conference, the tragically hip, therapy, they might be giants, unhappiest memories, wally, we almost kissed, we're breaking up, whistle when you're low, winning at chess, yo la tengo